HD Visa Tours: apply for a Thai Visa in Malaysia

Our Tour to Kota Bharu runs mostly on Saturdays and Tuesdays. We depend on the opening times of the consulate in Kota Bharu.


3-Day Visa Tour

We meet at 12.30 pm at the HD Visa office in Nathon

2 Nights/2 Days tour

We meet at 5pm at the HD Visa office in Nathon.


The following services are included

  • Hotel room accommodation (2 nights on the 3-Day Visa Tour, 1 night on the 2 nights/2 days tour)
  • Breakfast (2x)
  • Burger meals (3x)
  • (only on 3-Day Visa Tour) Transport from Donsak to Kota Bharu and back to Donsak (minibus, long tail boat taxi)
  • (only on 2 Nights/2 Days tour) Transport from Samui to Kota Bharu and back to Samui (minibus, long tail boat taxi)
  • Insurance

Not included is the visa fee which depends on the current legal situation, exchange course and the visa you apply for. You will receive the price for the visa on booking.


3-Day Visa Tour

Standard Seat
* Per Person in single room THB 6.460,00
* Per Person in double room THB 5.960,00

2 nights/2 days tour

Standard Seat
* Per Person in single room THB 5.510,00
* Per Person in double room THB 5.260,00

VIP seat or transport by private car on request. If demand for seats is higher than the available seats on our buses, we will add extra buses with a slightly increased fee.



Our 3-Day Visa Tour normally starts on Saturdays and the 2 nights/2 days tour on Tuesdays.

IKS members get a 10% discount on all trips, more info, and registration at iks-member.com


The transportation is done by subcontractors, and the cars have a class 1 insurance which covers damages and accidents to the sum of THB 500.000 per person. We accept no liability for claims above this amount, and you join this journey by your free will.

Book Your Trip

You need to visit our office to get the documents for your visa application, plus all necessary documents, or visit one of our agents to take care of the booking for you. Please ask for your nearest agent via email. There is no phone call reservation possible.

For more info and booking call 077-420-747

Please note that we do not advise by telephone. You have to come to the office so we can check your papers and consult accordingly.

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