Visa Tours Overview

All our visa tours are bringing you to the Royal Thai Consulate in Kota Bharu, Malaysia. We will provide you with a list of necessary documents for your application after you book with us. Your documents need to be provided to our office at least 7 days before the tour begins so we can check if all required documentation is available. Depending on your case additional documents could be needed.

We do not guarantee that your visa application will result in the issuance of a visa, this decision is reserved to the Consul in Malaysia. We can however speak from experience while advising you. Please provide full and legally correct documentation. We reserve the right to deny a booking if your documents are falsified or incomplete.

We offer the following visa tours:

  • On Saturdays:   Relex Trip –                3 Day / 2 Nights  – MINIBUS  – Returning on Monday evening
  • On Tuesdays:      Overnight Drive – 2Day / 2 Nights –   MINIBUS – Returning on Thursday evening.

—New will be soon coming to our service for individuell arriving




3-Day Visa Tour

Standard Seat
* Per Person in single room THB 6.860,00
* Per Person in double room THB6.360,00

  * Per Person in single room  VIP BUS OR PRIVATE CAR  THB7.560,00

 * Per Person in double room VIP BUS OR PRIVATE CAR THB7.060,00



2 nights/2 days tour

Standard Seat
* Per Person in single room    THB 5.510,00   
* Per Person in double room  THB 5.260,00



Not included in the package prices are the visa and service fee

The current Visa and service  fees  include visa fee and handling fees of our office in Kota Bharu are as follows:

  • Non-B, Non-O, Non-ED (single entry) THB 3.200,00
  • Non-B, Non-O (multiple entries) THB 7.700,00
  • Tourist Visa THB 1.700,00

These fees depend on the current legal/fiscal situation and the visa you apply for. You will receive the price for the visa on booking, and the values shown in this list are only provided for your calculation.

Depending on demand we are able to provide VIP busses, limousines, and extra seats. Please inquire for prices.


Terms and Conditions

All bookings are subject to our Terms and Conditions. The bookings are non-refundable and must be fully paid before the tour takes place. You are responsible to have the required documents and visa that are required for this tour. Also, you agree that if not reach the minimum of 5 People for each trip we can cancel trip, but this must be done by us 3 Day before departure 

Available Visa Tours


The transportation is done by subcontractors, and the cars have a class 1 insurance which covers damages and accidents to the sum of THB 500.000 per person. We accept no liability for claims above this amount, and you join this journey by your free will.

Book Your Trip

You need to visit our office to get the documents for your visa application, plus all the necessary documents, or visit one of our agents to take care of the booking for you. Please ask for your nearest agent via email. There is no phone call reservation possible.

For more info and booking call 077-420-747 Nathon Office or Meanam Office 077-410-711

Please note that we do not advise by telephone. You have to come to the office so we can check your papers and consult accordingly.

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