Non Immigrant O Visa

Single or multiple entries available

This Visa you can apply for if you are 50 Years old and can prove a pension or monthly income from outside Thailand ( Thai Bankbook would be the best ) Or you are married to an forager who holds a Non Immigrant B visa 0r you are the father of a Thai child. Every entire to Thailand you receive 3 Month and after that you must leave the Kingdom. Border bounce and receive another 3 Month (only for double or multiple entries)

Required documents for the visa application:

application form (filled in block letters)
, (german comments), (russian comments)
2 passport photographs (woman no spaghetti strap!)
1 copy of passport (photo page)


in Kota Bharu

  • Certificate of marriage¬†in Thai or English only (partner must be Thai) plus Bank account
  • Thai certificate of birth¬†child must be Thai plus Bank account
  • Rental contract important NEW
  • If you are 50 years or older and receive pension) certificate of pension must be confirmed by your Embassy and must be in English or Thai or have a thai Bank Book with at (THB 400.000,00)
  • If you follow your spouse or apply for a Non Immigrant O SINGLE visa you need a bank account book with at least THB 200.000 on it. In all other cases you need a bank book with THB 400.000 on it.
  • Mother or Father of a foreign child going to an international school child must have a Visa extension from Immigration Office and Bank Book is required

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