Non Immigrant B Visa

Single or Multiple entries available

This Visa you can apply for if you you have your own company and want to work yourself in that Company
If you have a company witch employees you
Every entire to Thailand you receive 3 Month and after that you must leave the Kingdom
Porter bounce and receive another 3 Month (only multiple entries)

Required documents for the visa application:

application form (filled in block letters)
, (german comments), (russian comments)
2 passport photographs (woman no spaghetti strap!)
1 copy of passport (photo page)
company registration papers (certificates of foundation of the company)
contract (letter) of employment
Letter of invitation from company to consulate
Copies of the first three double pages of your work permit plus the last extension of the work permit – the work permit must be valid for at least 6 more months.


for single entry:

The letter from the department of employment in original that your work permit is in process

for multiple entry:

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