Extending your visa without exiting the Kingdom

There are many different Visa in Thailand, but the most misled visa is the Non-Immigrant type O Visa

There a different reason to receive this Visa Type:

  1. You are over 50 Years and have the money required to get this Visa
  2. You are married to a Thai national (female or Male)
  3. You have your Partner (Husband or Wife) legal working in Thailand
  4. You have a child with a Thai national
  5. You have a child going to and Thai or International school for education
  6.  You have a pension for a medical reason and your purpose of stay is for health reason and treatment is called Non-O medical

For this Visa types, you need to have a Non-O single entry, and you can extant this visa type at immigration in Thailand

You are over 50 Years old now it splits again money or pension or a combination of both
You have a Thai Bank Book with 800.000,00 THB (first-year two-month second year three month before and after application)
You have a pension witch converted to THB is a sum of 800.000,00. This Pension must be verified by your embassy in Thailand. Also, you must prove that you receive your money in Thailand from this Pension. (ATM)

You have a combination of Pension and cash on a Thai Bankbook witch reaches THB 800.000,00

You are married to a Thai citizen Regulation a different for man or woman
Regulation a different for man or woman

If you are a man, you must prove tax payment from an income of THB 40.000,00 either you or your wife or have THB 400.000,00 on a Thai Bank account the first year two month second year three month

For a woman, it is easier she needs non since the husband is Thai and he is supposed to support you. Please ask at your local immigration office for documents needed

Non-B extension for one year without exit the Kingdom
You are the owner of a company you need to have a salary of THB 50.000,00 monthly plus 4 Thai employees
You are employed by a company which is not yours,  you also need to have a Salary of THB 50.000,00, and your employer must have 4 Thai employees for every foreigner working
Attention if you receive a 1 Year extension to your previous Non-Immigrate Visa you must apply for a re-entry Visa every time you want to leave Thailand if you not to apply and you come back to Thailand all you get is a 30 Day allowance to stay in Thailand
Also, this only is for the working extension if you are employed by a third party if you stop working there you have 7 Days to get another Visa.
Don’t forget to return your Work permit after seven Days as well

Please for all these extension Visas visit your Immigration Office and ask for information about how you can do, since of the many changes we cannot  be of any help with this visa types

We do offer a service to help with the required Documents for the Retirement Visa on a legal basis  our service fee for that is THB 1,000.00

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