About Herbert


Herbert A. Dully has lived in Thailand for over 25 years, initially starting work as G.M. (General Manager) for a well-known luxury 5-star resort, before deciding to go into business for himself.

His first enterprise – a horse ranch – was a tremendous opportunity for Herbert to learn just how hard it is to survive in the Thai ‘business jungle’, but did not deter him from expanding his company port-folio, and starting a new business venture in a completely different area… helping foreigners to renew their visa.

These days, Herbert is acknowledged as an expert in organizing visas for foreigners and has earned the title ‘Mr. Visa’. His company was the very first to organize ‘Border Bounces’ and visa trips from Samui to Thailand’s neighbouring borders, and has helped thousands of people over the last 11 years.

Previously, foreigners had to make their own arrangements to renew their visas… a nightmare for those unfamiliar with the complexities involved!

Herbert’s commitment to his responsibilities is total, and until now, he still accompanies his drivers personally on the vast majority of his visa trips. If you ask him ‘why?’ he will tell you that it is simply the only way he can ensure that everything runs smoothly for his customers.

In the 11 years since he started his Visa run operations, Herbert has never missed a return ferry… ensuring that his customers get back home exactly when they expect to (rather than having to spend an extra night on the mainland!).

Herbert is well-known for his authoritative attitude during his visa runs, which are timed – quite literally – ‘to the minute’! Due to the fact that visa runs are considered by most to be a ‘necessary evil’, Herbert – quite simply – ‘gets the job done’… no-fuss… no bother… and ‘on time’!

It is an incredible statistic that over the hundreds of thousands of miles Herbert’s visa runs have covered in the past 11 years, there have only been two incidents. However, Herbert’s commitment to running his business 100% both legally and professionally ensures that the correct insurance policies are always in place to cover all of his customers – if ever needed.

In short, Herbert strives for both perfection and performance in all he does, and his enthusiasm and personal involvement in all aspects of his businesses – both current and new – will continue to be the driving force that makes them successful.

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