Maenam Office closed until March 1st

Note: Our Maenam Office at the Immigration is closed until 1st of March 2018. Please come to our main office in Nathon or chose one of our agents. In Maenam, for instance, Tripple S on the road leading from the traffic lights to the pier.

Maenam Office closed

Please note that our Maenam office at the Immigration in Maenam will be closed from 4th of December to 12th of December. You can always visit us in the Nathon office or call at 077.420.747.

Application Form Downloads suspended

Due to the continued abuse of our application forms by people that do not book with HDVisa the forms are not downloadable at the moment. The forms are available to be filled by our office staff for a small fee of THB 100. Sorry for the inconvenience, we work on a solution.

New express trip to Kota Bharu

Starting on 19th of September we offer two types of Visa Tours to Kota Bharu, the “normal” 3-day trip and a 2-day express tour.

The express trip will go once a week on Tuesdays (depending on public Holidays and the consulates opening times). A maximum of 9 people will go on this trip, and it will be a very narrow calculated tour. One night stay in Kota Bharu.

The more relaxed three-day trip will (also depending on public Holidays and the consulates opening times) go on Saturdays with one night stay in Narathiwat and one night stay in Kota Bharu.

The price for the express trip is THB 6.630 for a single room.

If you already booked a trip on a Tuesday (Sept 19th, Sep 26th, Oct 3rd), Herbert will call you, and you can change your booking to a three-day trip without additional costs.

New Visa Tour schedule starting July 16th 2017

Starting with the trip on 16th of July our visa tour to Kota Bharu in Malaysia will follow a changed schedule:

We take the 2 pm Seatran ferry from Koh Samui to Donsak on the mainland where we have a transport waiting for you at the pier to bring you to the HD BURGER in Donsak.

We depart sharply at 5 pm from there and arrive approximately at 11 pm at the Hotel Imperial in Narathiwat.

The departure from the hotel on the next day is 9 am. We cross the border and arrive at 11.45am (Malaysian time) at the consulate. After presenting the documents, we continue to the Tune Hotel in Kota Bharu where we stay until the next morning.

Breakfast starts at 8 am at the Star Cafe across the street from the Tune Hotel, and departure from there is around 9.15am. After crossing the border and travelling back, we will arrive around 5 pm at the pier in Donsak.

Price per Person without Visa:

single room     THB 6.180
double room   THB 5.680

Included in the price are:

  • 2 nights in Hotel room
  • 2 breakfast
  • 3 burger meals
  • transport from Donsak to Donsak, (mini bus, long tail boat taxi)
  • insurance from Donsak to Donsak

These changes were due to the increasing controls by the government, roadblocks in the south and slower speeds for our busses. We also believe travelling at a slower pace with more extra time for all eventualities, not driving through the night to make border crossing opening time and one more night in a hotel will make the trip more bearable for everyone (including our drivers).

Changes to our Visa Trip to Kota Bharu

Dear HDVISA friends,

Once again our visa trip to Kota Bharu has to be changed soon due to new legal requirements for travel companies.

The new trip will be two nights long. We will leave from Donsak in the late afternoon and stay one night in a Hotel in Narathiwat. On the next day, we go to the consulate in Kota Bharu, hand in our papers, stay one night in a hotel in Malaysia and come back to Donsak the following day.

Because of the travel situation on Koh Samui, our meeting point will be the new HDBurger shop in Donsak.

The costs for this trip will be slightly higher because we have to stay two nights in hotels.

The price will be THB 5,800/person

Included are:

  • 2 nights Hotel SINGLE ROOM
  • 2 Breakfast
  • Transport from Donsak to Donsak
  • 2 Burger Meals
  • Insurance

Of course, Herbert will as always accompany all visa trips.

On June 10th we offer a “test trip” on which we will find out if that new schedule works as expected.

New meeting point

Starting new Year ,  the meeting point for border runs and the visa runs to Kota Bharu) is at the NEW HDBurger shop and HDVisa office in Nathon. There we check Documents and get a little Breakfast for taking away or have the Burger meal at 12:30  then we transfer to Seatran ferry,

No Visa Tours around 5th to 7th of July

Once again the Consulates will be closed in Malaysia. This time from 5th to 7th of July for Hari Raya. Visa trips will not take place on these days. If your visa expires on these days hurry up to get things sorted out before.

Border trips will take place as scheduled.