this trip will end on 15th september 2018

Starting with the trip on 16th of July our visa tour to Kota Bharu in Malaysia will follow a changed schedule:

We take the 1 pm Seatran ferry from Koh Samui to Donsak on the mainland where we have a transport waiting for you at the pier to bring you to the HD BURGER in Donsak.

We depart sharply at 4 pm from there and arrive approximately at 10 pm at the Hotel Imperial in Narathiwat.

The departure from the hotel the next day is 8 am. We cross the border and arrive at 11.45am (Malaysian time) at the consulate. After presenting the documents, we continue to the Tune Hotel in Kota Bharu where we stay until the next morning.

Breakfast starts at 8 am at the Star Cafe across the street from the Tune Hotel, and the departure from there is around 9.15am. After crossing the border and traveling back, we will arrive around 5 pm at the pier in Donsak.

Price per Person without Visa:

single room     THB 6.180
double room   THB 5.680

Included in the price are:

  • 2 nights in a Hotel room
  • 2 breakfast
  • 3 burger meals
  • transport from Donsak to Donsak, (minibus, long tail boat taxi)
  • insurance from Donsak to Donsak

These changes were due to the increasing controls by the government, roadblocks in the south and slower speeds for our busses. We also believe traveling at a slower pace with more extra time for all eventualities, not driving through the night to make border crossing opening time and one more night in a hotel will make the trip more bearable for everyone (including our drivers).

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