Changed itinerary for our new Penang trip

After finishing our first trip to Penang we have to change a some details on our trip:

Meeting is on Tuesday 12:30 at the TROPICAL MURPHY ON THE AIRPORT WALK. Herbert will collect your Documents and the rest of payment (please have the money ready in an envelope). He will hand out your ticket and while you are checking in at the counter of FIREFLY he will check your documents. After you received your boarding pass come back to TROPICALS MURPHY where Herbert will give you the okay for documents or will talk you through what to do.

When this is done you walk to the immigration checkpoint and board your flight.

In Penang after going through Immigration, an HDVisa agent will meet you and bring you to your hotel. Please hand him your passport, as he will take care of the visa application now.

After check-in at the hotel, you can enjoy Penang until Thursday 11:45 Malaysian time (Thai Time 10:45) in the hotel’s lobby. Our agent will hand you back your passport. You received a Thai Immigration card from Herbert at the meeting at the airport, please fill it in and don’t forget to enter your new visa number.

The bus will bring you to the International Airport of Penang where you check-in with your passport only at the firefly check-in counter.

You have enough time to get a little snack before you go through the Immigration (there are more choices before the checkpoint).

Arriving back in Koh Samui go through the Immigration checkpoint and on your merry way.

Please feel free to contact us with any problems that occurred while on this trip so we can make it better next time.


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